Swimming training in Leicester


Are you 18+?  Can you swim at least 1 length?

Would you like to improve your technique and stamina?

If so then you are welcome to swim with us. At each session we have 6 lanes to cater for swimmers of different abilities. Both of our sessions are coached by Helen, and she will chat with you about your goals and find the best lane for you. Swim England, to whom the Club is affiliated, allows you to come up to three times as a guest under their insurance. 

The cost for non-members is free for the first session, then £6 for up to two more swims as a guest. After that  we ask you to join, when full details will be provided for both non-competitive and competitive membership. Each session as a member is £5, with options to save money by paying in advance. Annual membership is £30 this year, which includes Swim England Membership and coaching. 

Annual membership for competitive swimmers is a bit more (£40 this year only), as there have been very few events taking place. 

We hope to see you soon.