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Welcome to Leicester Masters Swimming Club, where a warm and inclusive community of approximately 45 members comes together to celebrate the joy of swimming. As a proud affiliate of Swim England, our club embraces diversity and caters to a wide spectrum of abilities. From those looking to enhance their skills at a foundational level to the seasoned club swimmer, everyone finds a place to thrive.

Our members participate in various activities, including Masters events, open water swimming, and Triathlon, though there's absolutely no pressure to compete. At Leicester Masters, we believe that the true essence of swimming lies in the enjoyment of the sport and the camaraderie it fosters.

New members aged 18 and over, regardless of their abilities, are wholeheartedly welcomed into our inclusive family. Dive into the experience with our twice weekly programmed lane swimming sessions on Tuesday and Friday evenings at Cossington Street Sports Centre. Join us in creating a supportive environment where every swimmer's journey is valued and celebrated.

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