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Meet our swimmers in focus...


Lindsay (Honorary President)

Lindsay has been a member of Leicester Masters Swimming Club for almost thirty years. As she says herself, she is our oldest lady member by some margin!

She originally joined us in 1994 with the aim of getting fit and losing weight. These days, she enjoys the challenge of trying to keep up with others in her lane - and the chat between sets.

Her favourite swimming experience was the recent club trip to a 50 metre open air pool in Majorca. Lindsay is also a valued member of our committee.

Serving as our membership secretary for over 20 years, she was the first point of contact for new members. Having been both the club and membership secretary for all that time, Lindsay finally stepped down at the AGM in June 2024 and was invited to become Honorary President of the Club.

Linda (Club Captain) 

Linda joined LMSC in 2018 to improve her swimming while being part of a club. She enjoys swimming as it keeps her fit and her success in the pool gives her a sense of achievement. 
Linda is our club captain and frequent competitor. She enjoys all the swim meets but the best is Leicestershire county championships where we all swim individually but more importantly achieve together as a team, including taking part in team relays. 
The club has grown from strength to strength and every week at training brings a new challenge. 
“No matter what your standard of swimming the coaches always help you to achieve your best”

Photo - Leicestershire county championships 2023 with our club mascot narwhal. 


Daksha joined Leicester Masters Swimming Club in June 2023. Previously, she learned to swim in 2014, and completed her first triathlon in 2015!

However, during the covid pandemic, she lost all confidence in the water when opportunities to access pools and open water venues were limited. After the pandemic, Daksha resumed swimming lessons but they did not help her progress as she wished.

Eventually, she found Leicester Masters Swimming Club and, only a couple of months later, she achieved a personal best time in the 400m swim of a triathlon. "The coaches have been fantastic" she says " and the rest of the club members have been so welcoming.

More profiles to follow soon!

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